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Данные на графике основываны на нашей проприетарной модели расчета ХP и могут подвергаться изменениям и уточнениям без предварительного уведомления

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Данные в таблицах и графиках основаны на публичных источниках и несмотря на то что мы стараемся тщательно проверять эти данные, могут отличаться от реальных значений.

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Material Security

Meet with Material at RSA 2024

This year at RSA 2024, we have an exciting lineup for folks flocking to San Francisco! We know the week can feel extra crazy and overwhelming with over-the-top attention-grabbing efforts and events happening in different spots. That’s why we are hosting a...

Material Security
Material Security

Product Showcase: Introducing Data Protection for Google Drive

Last week we introduced Data Protection for Google Drive, a new product in our Cloud Office Security Suite. The product aims to control the spread of confidential information that's often shared loosely inside and outside of the organization. We held a Pr...

Material Security
Material Security

Worried about SEC impacts in 2024? Join Our AMA.

With many questions from the security community, we’ve put together a live AMA session to learn from industry experts about what this means for your business and how to prepare. Register to join and submit your questions to get them answered live....

Material Security
Material Security

Risky Biz Podcast: Building an Insider Threat Program with Coinbase' Courtney Healey and Matt Muller

Senior Manager of Insider Threat at Coinbase, Courtney Healey, joins Material's Matt Muller on the Risky Biz podcast (starts at 43:37). They chat with host Patrick Gray on the importance of building a diverse and multi-disciplinary insider threat team and...

Material Security
Material Security

How Material Security Uncovered a Vulnerability in the Gmail API

Keeping your Google and Microsoft account data secure is the foundation of our business at Material Security. When our engineering team discovered a serious vulnerability in the Gmail API, we immediately reported it to Google's Bug Bounty program. Here’s ...

Material Security
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