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We believe that news makes prices move. xIPOmeter scans most reputable news sources for news related to PreIPO companies, the unicorns. We monitor quantity and sentiment of news related to each issuer and collect, count and compare news pattern for each company in order to identify rising news activity related to the company - or the level of newshype. To measure and compare hype levels for PreIPO companies we developed Hype Index - XP. The XP index is measured between 0% and 100% for each unicorn and helps to rank unicorns by the level of newshype.

Our custom AI model is designed to gauge news sentiment to distinguish and rank positive and negative news coverage. Combined, these indicators allow us to identify and showcase the most promising unicorns on their path toward potential IPOs.

Sentiment meter

Very positive
Media sentiment is neutral, which is also good that company is mentioned in the news
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Media hype meter

50xp (Low)
Constant coverage of company news in the media. Good chance that company is gaining popularity for a reason

Latest news

Jul 18, 2024 Show on chart

Matrixport Launches the Structured Products Carnival with the ...

These features make them an excellent choice for new users exploring crypto investment. Furthermore, Matrixport recently upgraded its App for a more streamlined ...
Jul 18, 2024 Show on chart

Microsoft releases iOS and Android apps for Designer, its AI ...

Microsoft has officially released its Designer platform for AI image generation. After a long preview phase, Designer is now available to most people with a ...
SK on
Jul 18, 2024 Show on chart

South Korea's SK On in talks to supply prismatic EV batteries as it ...

Prismatic EV batteries:- South Korean EV battery maker SK On is in talks with automakers to supply prismatic batteries, expanding from its existing ...
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Unacademy teacher urges students 'not to vote for illiterate ...

Unacademy, an edtech startup, is being criticised by certain users of the social networking platform X (previously Twitter). In a video now viral on X, ...
Jul 18, 2024 Show on chart

InMobi eyes $10 billion valuation in 2025 India IPO | TechCrunch

Adtech startup InMobi is eyeing a valuation of about $10 billion in an initial public offering it is planning for next year....
Jul 18, 2024 Show on chart

Campaigners urge UK government to block Singapore ...

The campaign accuses Shein of exploiting workers, damaging the environment and avoiding tax. Read more at
Jul 18, 2024 Show on chart

EU court rejects ByteDance's challenge against EU gatekeeper label

"The General Court dismisses the action brought by Bytedance (TikTok) against the decision of the Commission designating it as a gatekeeper," the Luxembourg- ...
Jul 18, 2024 Show on chart

SPORTICO: Fanatics Collect Launches Hoping to Streamline Trading Card Sales — Fanatics Inc

Fanatics launched a collectibles marketplace called Fanatics Collect on Tuesday, the company announced in a news release....

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