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ImplyImply • 7 Dec 2023

What's new in Imply Polaris - October and November 2023 - Imply

At Imply, our commitment to continually improving your experience with Imply Polaris—our real-time analytics Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) powered by Apache Druid®—is evident in recent developments. Over the past weeks, we have concentrated on unlocking h...

SecuronixSecuronix • 7 Dec 2023

Securonix Threat Labs Monthly Intelligence Insights – November 2023 - Securonix

The Monthly Intelligence Insights provides a summary of top threats curated, monitored, and analyzed by Securonix Threat Labs in November....

reMarkablereMarkable • 7 Dec 2023

reMarkable names Philip Hess, former president and CEO of Bose ...

7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- reMarkable, the leading innovator in the paper tablet category, today announced Philip S. Hess, a consumer technology leader with ...
WorldcoinWorldcoin • 7 Dec 2023

Worldcoin anuncia programa de incentivos para desarrolladores y ...

Worldcoin, el proyecto cripto fundado y respaldado por el CEO de OpenAI, Sam Altman, anunció el día de hoy su nuevo programa de incentivos y financiamiento para ...
StoreDotStoreDot • 7 Dec 2023


StoreDot is the pioneer and leader of extreme fast charging (XFC) electric vehicle batteries that overcome the critical barriers to mainstream EV adoption – ...
TuroTuro • 7 Dec 2023

Turo, Warner Brothers Partner For 'Elf' Promotion 12/06/2023

Car sharing marketplace Turo is partnering with Warner Brothers Discovery on a promotion tied to the 20th anniversary of the iconic holiday movie "Elf" and ...
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How it works

We beleive that news make stocks move.
xIPOmeter scans most reputable news sources for news related to PreIPO companies, or so called unicorns. We monitor quantity of news related to each issuer and collect, count and compare newspattern for each company with the goal to identify rising activity related to the issuer - or the level of newshype. Once newshype is on the rise, for us it means that company is becoming more active, acquiring more attention of media and historically this happens before important company events, such as fundraising, or IPO.


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