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We believe that news makes prices move. xIPOmeter scans most reputable news sources for news related to PreIPO companies, the unicorns. We monitor quantity and sentiment of news related to each issuer and collect, count and compare news pattern for each company in order to identify rising news activity related to the company - or the level of newshype. To measure and compare hype levels for PreIPO companies we developed Hype Index - XP. The XP index is measured between 0% and 100% for each unicorn and helps to rank unicorns by the level of newshype.

Our custom AI model is designed to gauge news sentiment to distinguish and rank positive and negative news coverage. Combined, these indicators allow us to identify and showcase the most promising unicorns on their path toward potential IPOs.

Sentiment meter

Very positive
Media sentiment is neutral, which is also good that company is mentioned in the news
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Media hype meter

50xp (Low)
Constant coverage of company news in the media. Good chance that company is gaining popularity for a reason

Latest news

Jun 18, 2024 Show on chart

In data: Shein, Temu attract US shoppers with low prices, fast trends

A new survey suggests global and Chinese marketplaces such as Temu, and Shein have become “go-to destinations” for US shoppers with GlobalData explaining ...
Contrast Security
Jun 18, 2024 Show on chart

Contrast Security Wins the 2024 PwC Luxembourg Jury's Choice Award

Contrast Security Wins the 2024 PwC Luxembourg Jury's Choice Award for Cybersecurity & Privacy Solution of the Year. Read the full press release. ...

Contrast Security
Jun 17, 2024 Show on chart

Retool's State of AI in Production Survey Reveals That Collective ...

In September 2023, Retool launched Retool AI, which enables developers to design, develop, and deploy AI-powered applications and workflows quickly in a single ...
Jun 17, 2024 Show on chart

Introducing Apache Druid® 30.0 - Imply

We are excited to announce the release of Apache Druid 30.0. This release contains over 409 commits from 50 contributors. Druid 30 continues the investment across the following three key pillars: Ecosystem integrations, Performance, and SQL capabilities....

Jun 17, 2024 Show on chart

Reltio's Newest Innovations Empower Data Leaders with Premier ...

Reltio®, a leader in data unification and management solutions, announced today the latest release of the Reltio Connected Data Platform, which further empowers ...
Jun 17, 2024 Show on chart

GrubMarket Acquires Food Supply Chain Software Services ...

GrubMarket is the AI-powered technology enabler and digital transformer of the American food supply chain industry, as well as one of the largest private food ...
Jun 17, 2024 Show on chart

Sysdig Redefines Cloud Detection and Response by Enabling 5 ...

SAN FRANCISCO, June 17, 2024--Sysdig, the leader in real-time cloud security, today announced enhanced cloud-native investigations designed to cut incident ...
Jun 17, 2024 Show on chart

Send App by Flutterwave highlights unique cultural trends on ...

June 16th, 2024 is the International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR). Migrant and diaspora communities support millions of families by contributing to ...
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