Groq came up with a processor architecture which can radically boost performance and decrease latency in computing. Groq's products include chips, cards, nodes, and racks for AI and high-performance computing.

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Funding Round
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Series C14 Apr, 2021
Series B15 Nov, 2018
Series A7 Dec, 2016

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Jul 19, 2024 Show on chart

Groq's open-source Llama AI model tops leaderboard ...

Groq releases open-source AI models outperforming tech giants in tool use, challenging industry norms with synthetic data training and democratizing access ...
Jul 11, 2024 Show on chart

Groq claims fastest hardware adoption in history at VB Transform ...

AI chip startup Groq claims record-breaking adoption of 280000 developers in just 4 months at VB Transform, potentially disrupting the AI hardware market ...
Jul 2, 2024 Show on chart

Nvidia rival Groq AI set to raise $300M in funding round

Groq makes chips and software that are specifically designed to power generative AI products, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT. The firm claims that its chips are both ...
Jul 1, 2024 Show on chart

Is Groq the David to Nvidia's Goliath? Groq CEO is bringing the ...

Groq has become a major challenger to the GPU-dominated, incredibly bottlenecked, resource-starved compute landscape....
Jun 26, 2024 Show on chart

Nvidia Rival Groq Set To Double Valuation To $2.5B With ...

Jonathan Ross, the CEO and founder of Groq, a company that specializes in chips for AI and is a rival of Nvidia Corp. (NASDAQ:NVDA), is on the brink of ...
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