Epirus develops a military technology which can neutralize drones with the help of directed microwave impulses. The firm is also working on civil applications of the technology.

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Funding Round
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Series C15 Feb, 2022
Series B17 Dec, 2020
Series A8 Nov, 2019

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Apr 5, 2024 Show on chart

Epirus directed energy to face off against vessels in US Navy testing

Defense contractor Epirus said its directed-energy weaponry will be tested against small vessels in an upcoming U.S. Navy experiment....

Dec 1, 2023 Show on chart

Defense startup Epirus CEO leaving to take new job at a public ...

Torrance, California–based Epirus develops “directed-energy” weapons that can be used to counter drones and other aerial vehicles. The product line, called ...

Nov 1, 2023 Show on chart

Epirus Delivers IFPC-HPM Counter-Swarm System to U.S. Army ...

Epirus is a technology company developing high-power microwave systems with unprecedented counter-electronics effects to protect against emerging threats. Visit ...

Jan 24, 2023 Show on chart

U.S. Army Awards Epirus $66.1M Contract for Leonidas™ Directed ...

U.S. Army Awards Epirus $66.1M Contract for Leonidas™ Directed Energy System. Quantcast. StreetInsider ...

Jan 23, 2023 Show on chart

Epirus wins $66M Army contract for drone-frying Leonidas ...

Epirus wins $66M Army contract for drone-frying Leonidas microwave kit. Yahoo Finance....

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