ClickHouse offers a system for managing databases. The firm claims that its product performs multiple times better than traditional alternatives.

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Funding Round
Funding Amount
Post-Money Valuation
Share Price
Series B6 Dec, 2022
Series B28 Oct, 2021
Series A20 Sep, 2021

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Jan 27, 2024Show on chart

Deploying ClickHouse on a Kubernetes cluster using Terraform | by ...

ClickHouse is a popular open-source analytical database management system. Deploying ClickHouse on a Kubernetes cluster can provide scalability and ...
Nov 27, 2023Show on chart

Introduction to ClickHouse and Huawei Cloud MRS ClickHouse ...

ClickHouse provides query processing and analysis on large data sets. It supports SQL-based query language. Because data is stored column-oriented, only the ...
Sep 26, 2023Show on chart

ClickHouse Announces ClickPipes: A Continuous Data Ingestion ...

SAN FRANCISCO, September 26, 2023--ClickHouse Inc., creator of the popular open-source columnar database designed for real-time analytics, today announces ...
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