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Funding Round
Funding Amount
Post-Money Valuation
$  Share Price
Series C 1 Nov 2021
Series B19 Nov 2020
Series A16 Jun 2020
Seed16 Dec 2019
Seed 9 May 2019

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Chipper Cash, Silicon Valley Bank, and Silvergate Bank: What the ...

Chipper Cash, an African fintech company, is reportedly considering a sale. Despite recent financial troubles with Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Bank, ...
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Chipper Cash Payments Firm Clarifies SVB Exposure, Denies Sales ...

African Fintech company Chipper Cash, which was doubly backed by collapsed financial giants FTX and Silicon Valley Bank, may be experiencing some financial ...
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Chipper Cash executes second round of layoffs less than three ...

African fintech Chipper Cash conducted a second round of layoffs last Friday just ten weeks after it cut approximately 12.5% of its staff....
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